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Blue Jean Blue

Blue Jean Blue album coverBrad is originally from New England and lived in the coastal towns along Bostonís historic North Shore and near the Robert Frost Farm in southern New Hampshire.  Robert Frost was a very popular poet famous for his use of rural New England images.  As with Frost, New England provides many of the backdrops for Bradís lyrics.

Blue Jean Blue is a smooth blend of timeless rock styles, from acoustic ballads to the plugged in styles of classic rock.  The tracks were recorded with accomplished players in Los Angeles and Nashville, including Grammy nominated Bryan Cumming at Studio 23 in Nashville.  Peter Simon, brother of singer-songwriter Carly Simon, photographed Brad for the album cover.  The cover shot was taken at Peterís house in Marthaís Vineyard, Massachusetts.

Change In The Wind

Change In The Wind album coverBradís music shows the influences of his rock, folk and blues background.  Rockabye, which won an award in a Billboard Magazine song contest, is an example of an "unplugged" rock ballad in this tradition.

A five star review from a fan posted on "I have this album and I love it.  It's definitely easy listening.  My favorite songs are: As long As We Live, Change In The Wind and Rockabye.  The words to most of the songs are very poignant and sometimes move me to tears.  I do highly recommend this album..."

Guest players on the album include Jaydee Maness on steel guitar.  Jaydee was a member of the "Desert Rose Band" and played for Emmy Lou Harris.  Jaydee also played steel for Eric Clapton on the studio version of Tears In Heaven.

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